Q: Why does the audio stream keep stopping while I am listening on my phone?

A: A dropped stream can be the result of several things. But most likely the issue is that you are not connected to WIFI. A solution would be to connect to WIFI so you can have higher internet speed.

Q: Why does the audio stream stop when I leave my home?

A: At your home you are most likely connected to WIFI. When you leave and become out of reach of your home WIFI your device will switch over to cell data. This switch can result in a temporary interruption to your connection. Most of the time the stream will reconnect automatically once your device has established a new connection.

Q: Why does the audio stream stop when I’m driving?

A: When driving, you may go in and out of strong service areas from your cell phone service provider. There is also cell interference that you may face. For example a lot of large power lines could cause interference to the stream. Your phone should automatically reconnect when you drive through one of these poor service areas.